The highest of standards

Sustainability has always been a top priority for us at The Circus. With The Circus Living, we were able to take this all important topic to a new level and connect sustainable solutions with outmost living comfort through contemporary engineering solutions.

As a new building, The Circus Living at Krautstraße 30 has been constructed to the highest contemporary building standards. It is a KfW 40 building, meaning it has an average energy consumption of 40% of German reference standards, which are themselves some of the strictest in the world.

The building is extremely well insulated. It has automated shades to keep the heat out in the summer. And with the sustainable ventilation system, the air is always fresh without venting precious energy out of the window.

About the architecture

The Circus Living finds its home in a brand new building at Krautstraße 30, designed by Bernd Albers – one of Berlin’s leading architects and city planners who was central to the critical reconstruction of the city following the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Albers’ ambition through his work was to ‘heal’ the historic wounds of Berlin by designing buildings that both pay respect to the surroundings but also the ‘memory’ of the space. At Krautstraße 30 Albers brought together a facade with Classical and Art Deco elements to pay homage to the neighbourhood’s early 20th-century traditions whilst integrating into the residential community to be found on its north side.


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